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Saints That Raced
Ken Mahan bought his first car when he was just 13, a 1934 Chevrolet tudor which he ended up trading before he could even drive it.

He swapped into a worn 49 Chevy, which he soon modified by frenching the head/ tail lights and putting a 50 Olds grill into it. It was painted 56 Merc Persimmon Oange with a tuck and roll interior. This car started flicker that grew into a flame of Kens' interest in racing. He raced the car in the H-stock class, honing his skills and learning how to handle his car.

Ken was also one of the original members of the Handlers Car Club, and was involved in the inital setup of the Bremerton Raceway.

Shortly after finishing the 49 Chevy in 1955, Ken came accross a 32 Ford 3-window coupe that caught his eye. A deal was soon made to swap the 32 Ford for a 6 volt battery charger, Sounds like a Fair Trade!

Oh by the way, Ken still owns and drives this same 32 Ford I just wonder how that battery charger is holding up. Anyway Ken then starting racing with the 32, entering it in the B-modified class. Running at 110 MPH with a dual quad 283 ci motor, the times usely ran in the Mid 12's for him. The car was a blast till the motor gernaded at the finish line at the Puyallup Raceway, he won that race but never raced the coupe again.

From here Ken desided to get serious and together with friend Jack Verhelst purchaced and raced a AA/Comp rear-engine roadster. The roadster had chain driven blower that ran 8.6 at 160 MPH. After a short while they sold the rear-engine roadster and got into an A/Fuel roadster that ran low 8's at 180 MPH. It had a 464 Chrysler Hemi which they ran in AA/Comp class at the end of the first season the duo desided it was time to move up again this time to the Top Gas class.

They had a 180" full body dragster built, it looked fast just sitting there, the problem was it wouln't run the the elapsed time the AA/Comp car did. After a few races and not much improvement in performance Ken sold his half of the car to Jacks' brother.

Life moved in on Ken: jobs, family and time sent the 32 Ford Coupe into storage for the next 24 years.

1989 was the year that Ken rolled the dusty coupe out to not only bring it back to life but to build the car right as Ken says. The three year ground up job, included switching out the racing suspension for a more streetable setup. All the wood beams were replaced with steel, and a 355 ci Chevy motor with a supercharger provides the go power. Bodywork and a beautiful red paint job were also added to the mix by Ken. The only jobs not completed by Ken on his 32 were the upholstery and Flames.

Today Kens' intrest in racing and rodding continue, as the Current President of the Saints Car Club and Chairman of the Board of the Bremerton Motorsports Park. Ken even has a new project car in the works a 1950 Chevy custom with a ZZ/4 350 / 350 combo and a Ford 9 in the rear.